4th - 8th Grade Classes

Introduction to Robotics

An exciting introduction to robotics for 4th to 7th graders, this class gives kids a chance to design, build, and program a VEX IQ robot and then solve a series of fun challenges while developing their skills. The class culminates with the Grand Challenge, in which kids try to accumulate all the points they can as they extend their new found skills. Cost $420.00 (2 hours per week, 10 weeks)

Advanced Robotics

In this class, we present fun challenges that present common problems in robotics.  We individualize the instruction based on the children's abilities to solve the problems in more and more advanced ways.  This approach allows us to have first, second, and third year students in the same class while advancing their skills based upon their ability levels. Our advanced classes focus primarily on developing programming during the winter session and building during the spring session. Prerequisite:  Intorduction to Robotics or Competition Robotics or equivalent experience. Cost $420.00 (2 hours per week, 10 weeks)

Competition VEX IQ (VEX IQ Challenge)

Only offered in the Fall. No Experience Necessary!

Competitions provide a framework and an outlet for children's imaginations to go to work. Our job is to help the kids to realize their imagination!  The problems and challenges that present themselves provide wonderful teaching moments for us to expand the kids robotics knowledge while they are engaged and having fun.  They're motivated to complete the task and we revel in their delight at making it work. Children will be paired in teams of two, either by request or assigned by us.  We will do our best to group children no more than a grade apart and at the same knowledge level.  Instruction and mentoring will be individualized by team.  For new teams, we will start by building a standard robot and introducing the children to the basics of the programming language.  Once they understand the basics they will be set loose to build their own robot and start the programming process.  We will be on hand to help them advance their ideas both from a programming perspective as well as a building perspective.  All the while, the children will maintain an engineering notebook documenting their robot development (a requirement for the competition) where their ideas came from, and how they developed them. Cost $540.00 (2 hours per week, approximately 12 weeks, until last competition) Cost includes team registration and tournament entry fees through State Championships if they qualify.