Introduction to RobotC

This is the language used in the next levels of robot competition, both VEX and FTC.  (See our competition page for more information.) If you are thinking about competing in robotics at the high school level, RobotC is a must.  If you want to form a middle school VEX team, RobotC is a must.  If you just want to understand more about how robots work, RobotC is a must.

Students begin working in C, learn basic syntax, spacing, comments, embedded data types, and conditional statements and how these relate to the robot. Then we move on to various loops and, finally, to functions, passing variables by value.

Pre requisites - 6th graders must have been enrolled in VEX IQ previously and must have the recommendation of the instructor. 

Cost $420.00 (2 hours per week, 10 weeks)

Advanced RobotC

Only open to continuing students

Advanced RobotC will typically only be offered in our Spring Semester.  The content and scope of the classes will be determined more by the kids and what they want to focus on for the next season of competition.  Concepts like passing variables by reference, arrays, created data types, lists, FIFO, state machines, multi threaded programming.  We will also work on robot specific issues like control theory, complex drive systems, error detection and correction.  The goal is to advance the skills of the kids to compete at the very top levels.

Cost $420.00 (2 hours per week, 10 weeks)

Introduction to Robotics


Advanced Robotics

An exciting introduction to robotics for 4th to 8th graders, this class gives kids a chance to design, build, and program a VEX IQ robot and then solve a series of fun challenges while developing their skills. The class culminates with the Grand Challenge, in which kids try to accumulate all the points they can as they extend their new found skills.  

Cost $420.00 (2 hours per week, 10 weeks)

In this class we present fun challenges that present common problems in robotics.  We individualize the instruction based on the children's abilities to solve the problems in more and more advanced ways.  This approach allows us to have first and second year students in the same class while advancing their skills based upon their ability levels. 

Prerequisite:  Intorduction to Robotics or Competition Robotics or equivalent experience.

Cost $420 (2 hours per week, 10 weeks)

Competiton VEX IQ

Competion teams are only formed in the fall session  







Competition VEX

By Invitation Only

We will only invite previous students we feel are ready for this level of competition and commitment.  Introduction to RobotC is an absolute minimum and the child must be entering at least 7th grade.

No experience necessary! Competitions provide a framework and an outlet for children's imaginations to go to work. Our job is to help the kids to realize their imaginations!  The problems and challenges that present themselves provide wonderful teaching moments for us to expand the kids' robotics knowledge, while they are engaged and having fun.

Children will be paired in teams of two, either by request or by us.  We will do our best to group children no more than a grade apart and at the same knowledge level.  Instruction and mentoring will be individualized by team.  For new teams, we will start by building a standard robot and introducing the children to the basics of the programming language.  Once they understand the basics, they will be set loose to build their own robot and start the programming process.  We will be on hand to help them advance their ideas both from a programming perspective as well as a building perspective.  All the while, the children will maintain an engineering notebook documenting their robot development (a requirement for the competition), including how they got their ideas, and how they developed them. Children can program in either RobotC or Modkit.

Cost $540.00, (2 hours per week, approx 12 weeks, until last competition) Cost includes team registration and tournament entry fees through State Championships, if they qualify.

With a more complex robot and more complicated games, this is where the kids' imaginations really blossom.  At this level, we help a little less and point the kids more to resources that they can use to realize their ideas.  We still help and use these teaching moments to give the kids a deeper understanding of mechanics and engineering. 

VEX runs for both the Fall and Winter sessions and requires a commitment to both sessions.  VEX teams are comprised of 4 members, formed either by request or assigned by us.  We will do our best to put teams together that will complement each other's strengths.  VEX requires programming in RobotC.  Middle School teams will be reserved for children who either have taken RobotC with us or who have demonstrated a high level of proficiency with either building and or programming at the lower level. We will be on hand to help them advance their ideas both from a programming perspective as well as a building perspective. The engineering notebook is again a must in VEX.  Also during competitions the children will be interviewed to describe how the robot came into being, why the kids made their decisions, and what plans they may have to improve their robot going forward.  With almost 6 months of building and competing, you will find most robots go through various iterations as the children continually try to improve through the season.

Prerequisites: RobotC and or demonstrated maturity and ability in a VEX IQ class/Competition team. 

This program runs for 6 months, September through February or longer if you make it to Worlds!




For middle school students there are 2 options for Competitions:  VEX and VEX IQ.  We are happy to advance kids into the advanced robotics competitions but require experience both with robotics and RobotC programming language.  We strongly recommend that if a child has not had experience with robotics that they take the Introduction to VEX IQ class as a first step.

Students in 6th grade can take RobotC, which will allow them to compete in VEX starting in the fall of 7th grade.