9th - 12th Grade Classes

Introduction to RobotC

This is the language used in High School robotics competitions, both VEX and FTC.  (see our competition page for more info) If you are thinking about competing in robotics at the high school level, RobotC is a must. Students begin working in C, learn basic syntax, spacing, comments, embedded data types, and conditional statements and how these relate to the robot. Then we move on to various loops and, finally, to functions, passing variables by value. Cost $420.00 (2 hours per week, 10 weeks)

Advanced RobotC (Offered in Spring Only)

The content and scope of the classes will be determined more by the kids and what they want to focus on for the next season of competition.  Concepts like passing variables by reference, arrays, created data types, lists, FIFO, state machines, multi threaded programming.  We will also work on robot specific issues like control theory, complex drive systems, error detection and correction.  The goal is to advance the skills of the kids to compete at the very top levels. Cost $420.00 (2 hours per week, 10 weeks)

Competition VEX By Invitation Only

With a more complex robot and more complicated games, this is where the kids imagination really blossoms.  At this level we help a little less and point the kids more to resources that they can use to realize their ideas.  We still help and use these teaching moments to give the kids a deeper understanding of mechanics and engineering. VEX runs for both the Fall and Winter sessions and requires a commitment to both sessions.  VEX teams are comprised of 4 members either formed by request or assigned by us.  We will do our best to put teams together that will compliment each other's strengths.  VEX requires programming in RobotC.  We will be on hand to help them advance their ideas both from a programming perspective as well as a building perspective. The engineering notebook is a must in VEX again.  Also, during competitions the children will be interviewed to describe how the robot came to being, why the kids made their decisions and what plans they may have to improve their robot going forward.  With almost 6 months of building and competing, you will find most robots go through various iterations as the children continually try to improve through the season. Don't worry, the kids will not be on their own.  We will be there to guide them and push them, helping them advance their programming skills, research problems, and building techniques and solutions. Introduction to RobotC is a minimum requirement.  This class is typically offered in winter and spring session. This program runs for 6 months.  September through February—and beyond if you make it to Worlds!(Primary meeting with team 3 hours per week.  Additional 3 hours lab time available each week, no charge.)

Club Vex - Offered In Fall Only

Vex Club is for High School Students just starting out in robotics or for those who want to continue in robotics but don't have the time to devote to a competition team.  This is a 6 month program that runs from September to February.  Students will work in pairs building and programming a robot to the current Vex Robotics Competition Game. This is an instructional class where students will learn programming and mechanics as well as learning resources to bring their robotics to the next level. Classes are limited to 8 students per class and ensures plenty of time with instruction and oversight.  Students who do well in this class will be considered for a VRC (Vex Robotics Competition) team next year if they are interested.  We can think of nothing better to teach kids about robotics than to give them a real challenge to try and conquer. To give students a taste of competition, we will have an in-house competition at the beginning of February with the winner going to a State Qualifying VRC Event.  If the team qualifies for state championships we'll even take you there too!  All teams will participate in our season ending King-Of-The-Hill Competition which is all of the competition teams and Club teams.  This is a great day that celebrates the end of the competition season and gives one team bragging rights and a few other perks for the following season. Cost is $1,350.00