About Us

Robot Revolution began because we love robots and think they are cool. (Yes, we are both engineers: Chris Marbaix has a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Connecticut, and Davin Czukoski has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Lafayette College.)

A few years ago, when both of our kids expressed interest in robotics competitions, we jumped at the chance to coach them. We have to admit, that it was a learning experience for us as well as our kids! Our first competition was, shall we say, not very successful. However, the kids loved it. They saw what other kids were doing, how they were doing it, and were inspired to keep trying.

So after the competition season ended, we continued meeting just for fun. We covered programming and building fundamentals--and saw amazing results. When the time came again for competitions, they were able and eager to focus on solutions, and enjoyed the team experience that much more. As for the results, the kids did a lot better!

Since then, our kids have continued to enjoy robotics. It has become part of their lives and had a remarkable impact on their school work and their willingness to enjoy intellectual pursuits.

We saw the value of this for our kids, but understood that it is often difficult to find parents who are willing and able to have their homes invaded week after week by a rowdy group of mad roboticists, or feel competent to guide the kids in this technical world.

Robot Revolution was born to provide the resources, time, and expertise kids need to learn and enjoy robotics. Our goal: To help your kids love robotics as much as our own kids do!