Summer Camp

Robot Revolution offers Summer camp at our Summit Location. Each VEX IQ class is limited to 8 children. per instructor.  Each child will have unfettered access to a computer and a robot.  There is no sharing.

4th - 8th grade

Introduction to VEX IQ - 2 week Half Day class. This class is directed at children with no prior experience with VEX IQ.  Children will learn the fundamentals of building and programming through a series of fun filled challenges culminating in the Grand Challenge (a small in-house competition on the last day)  The first week is devoted to programming and learning how to make the robot do what you want.  This is done in a language called Modkit (It is very similar to Scratch).  The second week is devoted to building where the children will learn a basic 2 bar lift, and design and build an effector at the end to accomplish the goal.  Children will then compete in Autonomous and Robot Skills and then have the real fun of the cooperative event Teamwork Challenge.  Whether your child is gearing up for the VEX IQ Challenge in the fall or is just coming to have a great summer camp with robotics, this is it.

VEX IQ Projects - 1 week Half Day sessions. This class is directed towards returning students who have already taken Introduction to Robotics either as a summer class or during our afterschool program or taken Advanced VEX IQ. Children will be challenged with different projects each week or if they desire can be self-directed to accomplish a task they outline for themselves including trying their hand at the new VEX IQ Challenge.

8th - 12th grade

Vex Robot Building 2 week session - VEX is the robotics platform that the high school robotics competition (Vex Robotics Competition) is run on.  This camp will give the opportunity for the children to build a fully functional robot to compete in a revised game of the VEX 2017-20178VRC competition game.  Children will work individually, learning how to build a chassis, a lift, learn mechanical advantage, wiring, power management while developing a creative solution solving a simplified version of the 2017-2018 VEX competition.  This class has a mix of kids from advanced to complete novice.  While not mandatory, it is strongly urged for new students to take the one week RobotC class offered in the morning of week 1 to become familiar with programming the VEX machines.  RobotC will not be taught in the VEX Robot Building Class.  Exceptional students may be considered for a VEX Competition Team in the fall.

Refund Policy - Refunds will not be given after June 1st unless we are able to fill the vacated spot.  All refunds are subject to a $50.00 administrative fee.  Extraordinary Circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.

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