3rd Grade Classes

First Robotics Experience

Designed specifically for 3rd graders, this five-week class gives kids a fun first robotics experience. Each 90 minute class is divided into two 45 minute segments. The first segment is devoted to building structures and running "experiments" that teach kids how to build with VEX IQ as they learn about simple machines, wheels, levers, gears, and rubber band-powered vehicles. The second segment focuses on using simplified Modkit commands to program our new Draw Bot to draw a square, a house, and even their name! Kids literally SEE what they programmed--what could be cooler?

Next Robotics Experience

The Next Robotics Experience is a series of classes that we offer for our continuing 3rd graders.  We will cover a variety of programming concepts and methods in a way that will prepare them for competition robotics in our 4th grade and up classes.  We still use our Draw Bot as we introduce loops and sensors in a simple fun way that allows the kids to draw ever more complex shapes.  We expand the kids arsenal of commands giving them more control over the robot as they increase their own command of logic.  Our class format follows the same paradigm of 45 minute building, where they learn various concepts of mechanical advantage and building techniques, and then 45 minutes of programming.

Upon completion of the Next Robotics Experience we will invite your child to enroll into the 4th grade class; Intro to VEX IQ, which will advance their knowledge and ability as they prepare for the fall competition next year.